Pod Hollow

Seek your next adventure at Pod Hollow, a homunculous-inspired subterranean dwelling.

From its rolling hills and fields, to its ancient forests and wild brambles, the Suffolk countryside is full of wonder. And what better way to experience its magic than by staying at Pod Hollow, a charming, and subterranean dwelling built into the side of a grassy knoll.

With two double bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchen and more, Pod Hollow brings together old-world charm and modern comforts in a restful and idyllic environment. It is a home fit for any of Middangeard’s hairy-footed, homunculus (a little person; or a representation of a small human being. Popularized in sixteenth-century and nineteenth-century fiction, it has historically referred to the creation of a miniature, fully formed human. The term is also used for an image of a person with the size of the body parts distorted to represent how much area of the cerebral cortex of the brain is devoted to it. For example, the legs are small but the mouth and hands are large).Wikipedia

Pod Hollow is dog-friendly. The fireplace is ornamental and houses an electric coal effect fire.

Prices from £210 per night for 2 adults. (Please let us know if you require separate bedrooms). Bedding and towels are supplied. Parking for Pod Hollow is in the main car park. Please park in any of the numbered bays.

Accommodation Features

Recent Tripadvisor review,

Hobbit hole… Relax, unwind and Reboot. 

“As I sit outside enjoying this greatly underestimated little gem of ‘Pod Hollow’ (Hobbit Hole). I realise that pictures tell you little. The peacefulness, the woods, the birds, the dragonflies, the beauty of this place, the ever changing canvas from morning to dusk, the wind bringing the trees to life… I’ve never wanted to put my phone down so much and enjoy it. And that’s just where it is nestled in to its surroundings. The inside is breath taking wether you are a ‘Lord of the rings/Hobbit’ fan or not this quirky accommodation is an experience not to be missed. I’m not a great outdoors person but I do love nature. It’s difficult to get kids or adults of a device but this place definitely helps even if it’s just for a little while…

The fact it has WiFi does help to bridge the gap for our 13 year old.

So now we have done summer in this beautiful escape time to book for a winter experience here…in Pod Hollow ‘it’s not glamping its an apartment’”

Pod Hollow - Interior


  • Two double bedrooms with a King-sized bed in each
  • Sitting room with cosy couch and fireplace
  • Digital TV and DVD player
  • Free WiFi
  • Shower room equipped with modern shower, basin and WC
  • Fully-fitted kitchen including fridge, freezer, integrated oven and wine rack
  • Heating, lighting and electrical outlets
  • Bedding, Towels and kitchen tea towels etc supplied but please bring your own BBQ coals (if required)