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Getting Away Is Good For You!

Saturday 16th April 2016

A recent survey by global travel search engine Skyscanner has found that two-fifths of travellers wouldn’t consider a holiday over Easter. But getting away from it all has a wealth and health of benefits.


Why not treat yourself to a short break at West Stow Pods over Easter? Here’s why we think you deserve it:


1. Regular breaks are best
Half of travellers leave more than 4 months between holidays, however, studies show that short breaks are more beneficial to us. Psychologist Dr Rebecca Spelman suggests “a more effective way to use leisure time is to try to take shorter breaks, every three or four months, rather than one big blow-out once a year.” So if you haven’t taken a break since Christmas, Easter could be the perfect chance to unwind with a holiday. West Stow Pods is the ideal place for a short break.


2. Escape the Q1 stress
The first quarter of the working year (Jan – March) is more stressful than any other period, particularly during the dark winter months. Easter could be the perfect time to get away from the stress and recharge batteries. When we work too much it causes stress which interferes with every day life. The longer we go without a break, the more likely we are to experience stress triggered by relatively minor situations. A short break away will help to prevent this andwhere better than West Stow Pods?


3. Beat the blues
Short days and cold weather over the winter season can have a negative impact on our well-being. Booking a holiday gives us something to look forward to and the excitement that comes from anticipating the break can have positive effects on our mood. The warm welcome you receive here at West Stow Pods will keep up your spirits until the summer!


4. Get a boost from a bargain
Another psychological hit with an Easter break can come in the form of getting a bargain. Dr Spelman explains: “Getting a bargain has positive effects on people psychologically, it results in people feeling clever, skilled and fulfilled”.At only £65 per night, you won’t find a better bargain than West Stow Pods!


5. Exceed expectations
Only 13% of those surveyed were looking forward to the Easter holiday period more than a winter or summer vacation. This can also work in your favour as the lower the expectation, the more likely it is to have a successful holiday. This books general feelings of happiness, influencing your mental health. There is still availability for the Easter holidays, so book now before it’s too late.

The above research comes from a collaboration of Skyscanner and Psychologist Dr Rebecca Spelman.